We want to be a part of the ethical business revolution. We can’t keep doing business as usual if we want to save our planet. Social and environmental justice is at the forefront of what we do and we hope that we can encourage other companies get on board. We aren't the first company to give back, but we are proud to join others in the trend towards adopting an ethical business model.


Our main mission is to encourage and enable people to make socially conscious and environmentally friendly decisions. Environmental stewardship is a priority for us and a driving motivator behind our decisions to help offset our carbon footprint. We also seek ways to give back to our local community and help those abroad. 

Philanthropy is at the center of what we do. Every sale benefits 3 or more initiatives!  

Environmental Partnerships

1% for the Planet

In an effort to offset our carbon footprint, we’ve partnered with 1% Percent for the Planet and have committed to donating 1% of sales to affiliated environmental non-profits. Since it’s inception in 2002, the organization has facilitated the donation of more than $150 million for positive and sustainable environmental change!

Eden Reforestation Projects

Buy one. Plant one. 

Through our partnership with the Eden Projects, we’re able to employ local villagers in impoverished areas around the world to reforest ecosystems devastated by deforestation. We hope you take pride in knowing that every product you purchase from Briit Botanicals you’re helping to replenish native trees and help alleviate extreme poverty through our ‘employ to plant’ environmental partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Visit the Eden Reforestation Projects website to learn more about the impact deforestation is having around the world and how they are helping to plant more trees while providing growth opportunities in impoverished communities around the world. 

Quogue Wildlife Refuge

The Quogue Wildlife Refuge is a 305-acre expanse of protected land in our home state of New York. It's a nature preserve that is home to diverse wildlife including some that are permanently injured and require human care to survive including a bald eagle, owls, falcons, foxes and other native New York animals. The refuge also serves as a steward to the protected property while offering a variety of nature-related programs and education for all ages.

We've 'adopted' one of their barred owls. We support him through bi-annual payments to help pay for his care and to help the refuge provide care for their protected animals. Visit the Quogue Wildlife Refuge website to learn more.